How to install python 3.7 in ubuntu Linux guru

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How to install python 3.7 in ubuntu.

Python is a most populer programing language in the world, Also python is a fastes growing progaming language. Python is very versatile language so you can easily learn and understand python.
The latest version of python is 3.7. In ubuntu 18.04 python version 2 and 3.6 are pre installed.
apt update
apt install software-properties-common
add-apt-repository ppa:deadsnakes/ppa
Enter to continue.
sudo apt install python3.7
Check the python version.
python3.7 --version

how to set python3 as default in ubuntu.

A simple way to set latest python version in ubutu is to set it in .bashrc file as if alias, Create an alias of latest python version and put it in .bashrc.
open .bashrc and set create an alias for python.
alias python=python3.7
save the file and restart the terminal.
You you can check with python command, it will show latest version of python.
❯ python --version
Python 3.7.4
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