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You have a web server running on kubernetes and expose it on a domain name and you need the external ip of an application to be a static ip that does not change.
  • Reserve a new static IP address for INGRESS.
  • Reserve a static external IP address named my-website-ip by run following command from your machine.
$ gcloud compute addresses create my-website-ip --global
here now we have reserved the static ip for the ingress, lets create ingress controller for the application and attached the static ip.
  • lets create ingress file and describe the service name and static IP.
$ ingress.yaml
apiVersion: extensions/v1beta1
kind: Ingress
  name: yourappname-ingress
  annotations: "my-website-ip"
    serviceName: mywebsite-service
    servicePort: 80
Apply the ingress file and check your app, It should be access by static IP and you should point that IP to your domain name.
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