Grafana Database Locked – Solved

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Troubleshooting Grafana: Resolving the ‘Database Locked’ Error

Introduction to Grafana:

Grafana is an open-source analytics and monitoring platform that works with a wide range of data sources, including time-series databases, relational databases, and others. It provides a powerful and adaptable interface for building, exploring, and sharing interactive dashboards that display real-time data and analytics. Grafana is commonly used in conjunction with other monitoring tools and solutions to create comprehensive monitoring and observability systems. It is frequently combined with well-known cloud services and container orchestration platforms.

Dealing with the “Database Locked” Error:

Recently, My Grafana server encountered an unexpected “Database locked” error. Despite not having made any recent changes to the settings, I delved into investigating the root cause of this issue. The error message, msg=”Database locked, sleeping then retrying” error=”database is locked” retry=1 code=”database is locked”, prompted me to find a solution.

Solution: Enabling Write-Ahead Logging (wal):

Upon investigation, I discovered that the solution involved adding Write-Ahead Logging (wal) to the Grafana configuration. By default, wal is disabled, and enabling it requires a simple modification to the grafana.ini file. Follow these steps: 

Open grafana.ini.

  1. Open grafana.ini
  2. Locate the [database] section.
  3. Set wal = true.
  4. Save the file.
  5. Restart the Grafana service.

This configuration change should resolve the “Database locked” issue. If you encounter any difficulties during the setup, feel free to seek assistance.


In conclusion, understanding common issues and solutions in Grafana is essential for maintaining a robust monitoring environment. By enabling Write-Ahead Logging, you’ve taken a crucial step in resolving the “Database locked” error. Explore more Grafana features and stay tuned for further insights into optimizing your monitoring experience.

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