Create aws s3 bucket using cli

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In this article i will explain you to how to manage s3 bucket and objects using AWS cli command line interface. for that you will have to configure AWS cli interface to your local linux machine. You can configure cli from. HERE.

AWS Command Line Interface

After configured aws cli to your local machine, you can run all below commands.

How to create bucket using AWS Cli.

root@master:~# aws s3 mb s3://linuxgurubucket
make_bucket: linuxgurubucket

Listing Bucket :

To list all bucket :
root@master:~# aws s3 ls
2018-05-01 15:28:37 linuxgurubucket

To list all objects from bucket :

root@master:~# aws s3 ls s3://linuxgurubucket
2018-05-01 15:32:16 71515 vishal.jpg

How to copy local file to s3 using aws cp command :

root@master:~# aws s3 cp s3://linuxgurubucket/
upload: ./ to s3://linuxgurubucket/

To check it’s upload or not :

root@master:~# aws s3 ls s3://linuxgurubucket/
2018-05-01 15:34:19 82 2018-05-01 15:32:16 71515 vishal.jpg

To remove file from s3 bucket using cli:

root@master:~# aws s3 rm s3://linuxgurubucket/
delete: s3://linuxgurubucket/

To remove s3 bucket using aws s3 rb command :

root@master:~# aws s3 rb s3://linuxgurubucket/ --force
delete: s3://linuxgurubucket/vishal.jpg remove_bucket: linuxgurubucket
Use --force for delete non empty bucket.

Sync your local directory and s3 bucket :

if you want to upload or download multyple file, then just go to the directory where all file are located and run below command.
root@master:~# cd vishal/
root@master:~/vishal# aws s3 sync . s3://linuxgurubucket/
In next post i will explain more aws cli commands for more resources.

Vishal Vyas


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