How To Change MongoDB User Password

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How to change mongo db user password
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MongoDB is a popular open-source document-oriented NoSQL database that offers high performance, scalability, and flexibility for modern applications. It is classified as a non-relational database, also known as a NoSQL database, because it does not employ the traditional table-based structure found in relational databases.

MongoDB is widely used in a variety of industries and is particularly popular in finance. well-suited for data-intensive applications that require flexibility and scalability storage, such as content management systems and real-time analytics E-commerce platforms and mobile applications are examples of these.

You can follow these steps to modify a MongoDB user’s password:

To connect to the MongoDB deployment where the user’s password needs to be changed, use the MongoDB client or a MongoDB management tool. Be a user with administrative rights by logging in as that user. This is usually the admin database. Execute the upcoming command:

use admin
db.auth('admin_username', 'admin_password')

Change admin_username and admin_password to the admin user’s credentials.

Switch to the user’s database: Go to the database that contains the user’s information. Run the command below, for instance, if the user is currently logged into the mydatabase database:

use mydatabase

altering the user’s password The db.changeUserPassword() method can be used to change the user’s password. Run the following command, substituting the user’s username for ‘username’ and the new password for ‘new_password’:

db.changeUserPassword('username', 'new_password')

Verify the password change: You can confirm the password change by attempting to log in using the new credentials.

There you go! The MongoDB user’s password has been modified. Always use the correct values for your MongoDB deployment and user when replacing “admin_username,” “admin_password,” “username,” and “new_password.”

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