Block certain file extensions on samba linux

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Enhancing Samba Security: Blocking Specific Files in Linux

Configuring Samba Server 

Samba is a stable, open-source protocol for Server Message Blocks (SMB) that allows file and print services to run smoothly on a variety of platforms. The Samba server allows you to share files and folders over a network in Linux, but there are times when you may want to limit the types of files that can be uploaded to a shared directory, which is where Samba’s powerful feature known as “veto files” comes into play.

What is Veto Files?

Veto files in Samba allow you to specify which file types should be prevented from being opened or uploaded to a shared directory. This feature improves security by preventing the transfer of potentially dangerous files.

Implementing Veto Files in Samba:

Let’s dive into the steps to leverage veto files in the Samba server on Linux:

Open Samba Configuration File:

Use your preferred text editor to open the Samba configuration file. In this example, we’ll use vim:

vim /etc/samba/smb.conf

Add Veto Files to Shared Block:

Add the veto files parameter at the end of the section that defines your shared directory. This parameter specifies which file types should be restricted. As an example:


comment = vishalvyas

Path = /home/vishal

public = yes

writable = yes

browseable = yes

read only = no

valid user = vishal

create mask = 0775

veto files = /*.exe/*.com/*.dll/*.bat/*.vbs/*.tmp/*.mp3/*.avi/*.mp4/*.wmv/*.wma/

Enhanced Security with Veto Files:

With the above configuration, your Samba server now prohibits the upload or opening of files with extensions such as .exe, .com, .dll, and others listed in the veto files section.


It is critical to manage file uploads effectively in your Samba server in order to maintain a secure and efficient network. By implementing veto files, you gain an additional layer of control, ensuring that only authorized and safe file types are transferred within your Linux environment.

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  1. I am using samba server and shares are mapped in windows. Will veto files restrict from copying files from windows samba share


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